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Busy Summer

I am happy to announce that I was one of four recipients for the July Artist Accelerator Grant from the Arts Commission! A CASH award for just about anything an artist would want/need to pursue their craft, in my case some engraving wheels for my lathe!

I bought this lathe in 2012. It is an old 'Sommer and Macha' lathe; solid cast iron and battleship grey. This beast came out of a basement in Chicago and was transported to Toledo along with several other pieces of large cold working equipment. At the time, I wasn't even sure if it ran and the shaft and bearings needed an update. A few years later I had a new shaft turned and got some new bearings. The lathe got moved to our home when we bought it and sat under plastic for another year or two. Finally I happened across a motor with controller at the right price and I was almost in business.

In early 2016, I finally put all the pieces together and gave it a test. It all worked and the shaft turned true! The only trouble was that I didn't have any wheels with which to engrave! The Artist Accelerator Grant was the perfect solution to my need and I was happy to receive the award. I was able to work with HIS Glassworks to find the perfect engraving wheels to spend the grant on. I bought two different cutting profiles in rough and fine grits, for a total of 4 wheels. These wheels will allow me to pursue engraving again, after I finish outfitting the lathe with a water supply and settling tanks.

Thanks again to the Arts Commission for this generous award. I look forward to many long hours engraving with these wheels!

This project is partially funded by an Arts Commission Accelerator Grant made possible through support from ProMedica, the Ohio Arts Council, Surdna Foundation & The Kresge Foundation


In other news....

I participated in HotShots 2017 this summer and it was pretty cool. Like last time, artists were paired with a collaborator, this time the collaborators were designers and design firms from the area. My designer had some limited glass experience (he went to BGSU too)and we settled on a piece that satisfied a shared aesthetic, my current mode of making, and a really busy timeline. You can see the pro photo in my portfolio and some of the ring bubble details right here!

And one last thing...

Friends in Stark county, look for my work in the 2017 Stark County Artists Exhibition at the Massillon Museum of Art! I was selected to display 3 pieces; the Murrini Flame, Dipped and Cut:RGB 1, and a group of American Spirit bottles. 40 artists chosen from 77 applications, 55 pieces from over 180 submitted pieces. This will be my first showing in Stark county of my glass ever! I am really happy for this opportunity. Thanks Grandma Kohl for saving that flier for me and getting me to apply.

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