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Black Kite Onion Patch

I am happy to say that the Onion Bottles above the big windows at Black Kite are now a permanent part of a great local establishment.

The Black Kite Onion Bottles have been a part of the unique local flavor of Black Kite Coffee and Pies since November 2015. This installation has 116 objects ranging in size from 18-40 inches and 4-6 inches in diameter. These Onion Bottles had been used in a few different installations and iterations until my wife noticed a space of a certain size, that was well supplied with natural light, and in need of a little color. At the time of the installation, there wasn't really much talk of a timeline for the piece, so it stayed put for quite a while. The bottles were completely at home in the space above the windows.

Recently, taking stock of my glass, I was reminded of the bottles and decided that it was time to de-install. Fortunately, the stars aligned to make these objects a permanent part of the coffee shop. Rightly so too, I really do think that the bottles belong in the space and are a part of the atmosphere of one of Toledo's gems. I am proud to have this work in a great local business that is a proud part of its community and neighborhood.

If you are in the Toledo area, stop in to Black Kite to check out the Onion Patch for yourself. They are located at 2499 Collingwood Blvd, Toledo, OH 43620 and on facebook.

Here are a few more shots that Tom Brooks got while documenting the Black Kite Onion Patch.

Check out my Portfolio for larger pics and more of my work.

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