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Tons of Press!

Oh boy! This summer has been quite busy and filled with glass. I was invited to participate in the Arts COmmission of Greater Toledo's HOT SHOTS event. We made some glass in partnership with a local bar/restaurant and there is going to be an auction of the objects along with a bourbon tasting...perfect! I have been getting a ton of press and was even invited to appear on the local morning show to hype the event. I was also the guest instagrammer for the Art Loop Toledo account, again sponsored by the Arts Commish. Follow that account to see tons of glass from the Hot SHOTS event and more.

Getting plenty of mileage out of these awesome images from Tom Brooks. The old fishwrapper does a great job of not mentioning my name once, but uses my image and an awkwardly cropped image of my glass. Oh well, even bad press is good press! Have a look below to see a the clip from the news.

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