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Summer Fun!

Water or glass? Check out some new coldworking that I have been doing for good friend, Matt Paskiet. The surface of this object has been cut and polished to create ripples and dapples of light on the colors below, just like sunlight through clear water.

Thanks to everyone who came out these last few months for the third Thursday Art Loops. The weather and a downtown packed with activities have made sales a bit sparse, so I hope we get some good weather and a buying crowd for the next one on July 21!

What else...UT's Art on the Mall! I was accepted to this famous show and cannot wait! I've been working on my display and will have some new items for this show. Be sure to come check it out, there will be tons of great art and high end craft for sale.

I will also be at Arts in the Park in Port Clinton, the Maumee Summer Fair, and hoping to be at DIYpsi in Ypsilanti MI as well as the Wood County invitational during the Black Swamp Arts Festival. Stay tuned for more

Here are some new pics from Tom Brooks of the cut pieces I did for Matt.

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